Green Zebra Stone Crystal Point Wand

Green Zebra Stone Crystal Point Wand

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If you possess a physical and very active lifestyle, Zebra-Stone can greatly help since it’ll increase your energy and boost your endurance. Similar to Prehnite, Zebra-Stone will also offer you spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental healing.

Aforementioned, this stone will aid you to connect to the earth as well as to the everlasting movement of universal love.


The energies of Zebra-Stone will also keep you centered and grounded. This stone holds energies of balance, which means that it can unite your masculine and feminine energies, your Yin and Yang.

"Zebra-Stone will also balance your chakras, as well as your physical, emotional, intellectual, and etheric bodies."

Zebra-Stone is a great stone that can bring positive influence on your life. In fact, it’ll show you how to become more understanding and compassionate towards other people. Most importantly, it will solidify and strengthen your relationship and transform you into a likable individual.

Please note: You will not get the same exact stone on the picture. Due to the natural characteristics of the stones, each item is unique than the rest.