Red Mahogany Elephant Crystal

Red Mahogany Elephant Crystal

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Mahogany-Obsidian is a volcanic rock that’s silica-rich and contains undulating parts of oxidized Hematite or Magnetite, which are usually colored mahogany brown or brick red within a black-colored base material. Mahogany-Obsidian can be found in places where volcanic activities have occurred.

Red and black crystals tend to be closely linked to the Root Chakra, which is that energy center that exists within red ray energy. It is from this energetic hub that we experience our sense of grounding and connectedness to the Earth, which is why it makes sense that mahogany obsidian is an Earth element ally. 

In addition to the root chakra, mahogany obsidian is also deeply concerned with the sacral chakra. In reality, this stone actually activates all three of the lower chakras in the human body, working toward the stimulation of passion, creativity, sexuality and self-protection.

A stone of focus, Mahogany Obsidian helps guide us to what we should be prioritising to make spiritual progress, while aiding with self-acceptance and self confidence.

Mahogany Obsidian is often used to aid in the decision making process. It allows us to make significant changes in the most challenging areas of our lives.

In physical healing it is thought to be helpful in detoxifying organs and tissues, increasing liver and kidney function and relieving pain.

Product Specifications:

Length: 38-42mm
Width: 20-25mm
Height: 28-32mm
Weight: 25-30g

Please note: You will not get the same exact stone on the picture. Due to the natural characteristics of the stones, each item is unique than the rest.