Rose Quartz Elephant Crystal
Rose Quartz Elephant Crystal
Rose Quartz Elephant Crystal

Rose Quartz Elephant Crystal

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Rose Quartz are an ultimate crystal healing stone for matters of the heart, supporting heart-centered activities, and fostering feelings of LOVE. 

The color pink combines the properties of red, with its warm and passionate energetic vibrations, with the color white which symbolizes divine light and is inclusive of the entire color spectrum.

Rose Quartz’s soft pink energies are calming and may provide balance in brain chemistry, naturally helping to create feelings of joy and happiness.

"These lovely crystals will accentuate the beauty that you possess, and they can also be used to promote self-worth."

You can also put them in your bath to help soothe the emotional body and to balance your emotions.

You can wear Rose Quartz if you want to project a calm and peaceful person to the world. The softer the pink, the calmer and the more peaceful your aura will be.

Product Specifications:

Length: 38-42mm
Width: 20-25mm
Height: 28-32mm
Weight: 25-30g

Please note: You will not get the same exact stone on the picture. Due to the natural characteristics of the stones, each item is unique than the rest.